Q. Do you give (guild, birthday, senior citizen, etc) discounts or offer a punch card or reward system?

A. No, we do not. At Rossville Quilts we always try to keep the majority of our prices around 10% below suggested retail. This way you save everyday! No need to wait for your birthday or until that punch card is full to start purchasing high quality products at reduced prices. 

Q. Do you do many shows?

A. No. We generally don't have the staff or availability to be gone to sell at shows. While we enjoy going out and meeting people, we also love to be in our shop assisting those who have come to visit with us.

Q. Do you offer free sample snips?

A. We do not offer sample snips; this ruins the next cut of fabric off of the bolt. However, we do offer 1/8 yard cuts and fat quarters.

Q. I found I already have this fat quarter at home. Can I return or exchange it?

A. Unfortunately we cannot accept returns on fabric purchases. Once the fabric leaves the store we can no longer ensure its quality.

Q. I found I already had this pattern once I got home. Can I return mine?

A. Due to copyright laws books and patterns cannot be returned. Copyright law states that each user of a pattern should purchase their own copy and we cannot risk that patterns were duplicated before they were returned.

Q. What are your return policies?

A. There are no returns allowed on books or patterns due to copyright restrictions. Since a fabric piece is custom cut for you, there are no returns allowed. Fabric returns are allowed only when there is a manufacturing defect or your order was pulled incorrectly by our staff. These returns must be pre-authorized by Rossville Quilts. Please contact us before sending back. 

Q. Why hasn't my credit card charge gone through yet?

A. At the Rossville Quilts website, your credit card is not charged when your order is placed. We manually run your card through our system after your order has been printed, picked, and cut. We then calculate your most advantageous shipping method and add that. This way, we do not have to deal with refunds and you are not charged until we know that everything you ordered is in stock and ready to go out to you. In the case of preorders, your card is not charged until the preorder arrives in our shop.

Q. I placed an order for fabric that is due in a few months. Why did you charge my PayPal account already if you don't charge until the fabric is ready to ship?

A. When you pay with PayPal, we have NO CONTROL over when PayPal charges your funding account. If you choose PayPal as your payment method, they will deduct your payment immediately.

Q. I had to cancel my order due to a shortage in the amount I needed. Why hasn't my PayPal payment been refunded?

A. We try to make refunds as quickly as possible when adjustments to an order need to be made, but we sometimes miss one. This is especially true if the email you use for your PayPal account is different from the one you used to place your order! It makes it difficult to search through the large number of PayPal payments we receive on a daily basis. If you do not see that we have initiated a refund within 24 hours of your order change, please email us as a reminder. Give us your order number and the email address you use for your PayPal account. We will correct the omission right away. Once we initiate a refund, we have NO CONTROL over how long it takes PayPal to transfer the funds back to your account.