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Firecracker Sale July 2019

Firecracker Sale FAQ 
1. Prices on each day’s category change at Midnight EDT and run to 11:59 PM EDT every day. There are no sale prices given outside these times. You have 27 sales to shop in 27 days!
2. Online, sale prices WILL NOT SHOW! Be assured that we will make adjustments in the shop before we capture any funds from PayPal or your credit card. 
3. If you aren’t sure if the item you are putting in your cart qualifies, enter in the comment section of your order why you think it does. If your story is good enough…. You never know!
4. If you need no less than you are ordering, or if you are good with whatever we have, please note either way in the comment section.
5. SHIPPING: If you plan on shopping more than one day, note in the comments to “HOLD FOR MORE”. We will hold your orders until we see an order that says “SHIP NOW”. If your combined orders total $75.00 or more (after sale pricing is applied), your shipping is free. We will ship free only once per address during the sale. 
6. Payments will be captured once your order is cut. You will receive an emailed receipt at that time. If your receipt is for less than $75.00, shipping will be captured also. Once your orders total $75.00, the shipping charges will be credited back. A hard copy will also be with your order when you get it.
7. SEARCHING TIPS: When typing in the search box for a specific item, use “quote marks” around your search terms to get ONLY what you are looking for. For general categories, use our handy Mega Menu. On a computer, this can be found at the top of the home page in the red ribbon. On a mobile device, the four lines on the top left. Click and you will see Manufacturer, Designer, Theme, and Collection. If you hover over each one, a drop down appears alphabetically where you can search for the items you want. 
8. Any item marked "Preorder" or "Out of Stock" is excluded from sale pricing as are 2019 Christmas items. 
9. We reserve the right to make changes, exclusions, or corrections to any items offered at sale prices. 
Daily Specials
1-Jul Monday All Sports/Games fabric $6.00 yd.
1859 - 1st intercollegiate baseball game, Amherst beats Williams 66-32

2-Jul Tuesday All Zen Chic fabric $6.00/yard
(First dirigible flown, Germany. 1900)

3-Jul Wednesday All Moda Jelly Rolls $27.00. (excludes 2019 Christmas items.)
The average Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich provides 27% of your ADA of Fat. But it's mostly the good fat!

4-Jul Thursday Red White and Blue fabric $6.00/yard (Excludes digital prints from Northcott)
(Independence Day) Piece must have all three colors in it!

5-Jul Friday BasicGrey $6.00/yd (1/2 yard min. Excludes Kringle & Claus and coordinating Grunges) 
Point Grey - now Vancouver BC - discovered in 1791

6-Jul Saturday All panels 20% off.

7-Jul Sunday All Fig Tree Fabric $6.00/yd. (1/2 yard min.)
The fig is named one of Seven Species in Deuteronomy.
8-Jul Monday All fabric with an animal on it $6.00/yd (1/2 yard min.)
Secret Life of Pets premieres to be a Top Ten July release at number 7 on July 8th, 2016. 
9-Jul Tuesday All fabric with food or drink is $6.00/yd (1/2 yard min.)
National Sugar Cookie Day
10-Jul Wednesday Travel themed fabric is $6.00/yd (1/2 yard min.; scenic parks, motor vehicles, cities)
On this date in 1938 the first TransAtlantic flight with passengers was completed. 
11-Jul Thursday Children's themed fabric is $6.00/yd (1/2 yard min.)
Birthday of EB White, author of Charlotte's Web 1899.
12-Jul Friday Regular width Batiks $7.00/yd, Batik Fat Quarters $2.50. Batik precuts and kits 25% off. (1/2 yard min. on yardage. Excludes Soleil Tonga, Posey Tonga, and any Batik collection in current or future BOM programs)
13-Jul Saturday Any regular width fabric with an occupation or music related theme is $6.00/yd (1/2 yard min.)
National Barbershop Quartet Appreciation Day
14-Jul Sunday All regular width French General fabric $6.00/yard (1/2 yard min.) All French General precuts and kits 25% off. Bastille Day.

15-Jul Monday Fabric yardage inspired by designer William Morris is $5.00/yd (1/2 yard min)

16-Jul Tuesday All Moda Layer Cakes $25.00. 10" square packs by other manufacturers 25% off. (Excludes 2019 holiday collections.) A typical layer cake serves 16 people. 

17-Jul Wednesday All regular width BenartexContempo and Kanvas fabrics $6.00/yd (1/2 yard min., Excludes 2019 holiday collections, Jubilee Silver, A Festival of Roses, Pearl Wave, and Pearl Reflections).

18-Jul Thursday All regular width Basics and Solids $6.00/yd (1/2 yd. min., Excludes any basics included in Holiday 2019 collections) Basically, nothing too exciting happened on this day. 

19-Jul Friday All regular width Timeless Treasures Fabrics $6.00/yd (1/2 yd. min., Excludes ALL Tonga Batiks and Holiday 2019 collections.) The timeless cartoon classic Tom & Jerry appear on this date in 1941. 

20-Jul Saturday All regular width Art Gallery and FreeSpirit Fabrics $6.00/yd (1/2 yd. min., Excludes Pinkerville.) Moon landing in 1969 brings us into the Modern Era. FREE UFO Notepad with any Firecracker purchase today!

21-Jul Sunday Moda Charm Packs are $6.00/each (Excludes Holiday 2019 collections.) Please order MAXIMUM number of charm packs you will take and be prepared to only take one if that's all that's left. This sale goes fast, first come first served. Have you found your Prince(ss) Charming? Disneyland opened this week in 1955. 

22-Jul Monday All regular width Quilting Treasures Fabrics $6.00/yd (1/2 yd. min.) He'll be 79 years old today and is an American & Canadian treasure. Who is Alex Trebek? Yes!

23-Jul Tuesday All Extra-Wide Backings are 23% off regular price (1/2 yd. min.)

24-Jul Wednesday All regular width Flannels are $7.00/yd (1/2 yd. min.)

25-Jul Thursday All REGULAR fat quarters $2.00/each (Excludes batiks, metallic/pearlescent, and specialty fat quarters as well as Holiday 2019 collections.) NO NEW CUTS IN STORE!! There are now 200 days left in 2019. 

26-Jul Friday Regular width 1800s Reproductions and 1900s Reproductions $6.00/yd (1/2 yd. min.) Please follow links above to see which collections are included.

27-Jul Saturday  All regular width, printed cotton Moda Fabrics $6.00/yd (Excludes 2019 Holiday collections.) 

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