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Kimberbell FITB March - Bunny Busket Canvas Tote

Kimberbell FITB March - Bunny Busket Canvas Tote

Welcome to Kimberbell's Fill in the Blank Program with RQ! Each month in 2021 there will be a new project featuring a Kimberbell Blank and coordinating design for both sewing and machine embroidery. 

How does the program work? You will receive each month's design FREE with the purchase of that month's cooresponding Kimberbell Blank! RQ will send you the FREE design via email on the 5th of every month. The Kimberbell Blanks will be shipped or available for pickup to local customers on the 1st of the month (unless RQ is closed, then the next business day). Some Kimberbell Blanks will be Limited Edition items and will thus only be available while supplies last so don't wait to order yours! Payment will be taken at the time of order. 

What about the embellishments on the project? RQ will be creating embellishment kits available for purchase separately using items as specified by Kimberbell when possible. Each month the embellishment kits will vary. They will NOT include thread, embroidery floss, stabilizers, fusible webbing or other notions that may be recommended. 

What size hoop do I need for machine embroidery? The designs will always include a size for a 5 x 7 hoop; however, sometimes there will be additional sizes. Multiple file formats will be available. 

PLEASE NOTE: The design is not available for purchase separately and will only be distributed to those who purchase the coordinating Kimberbell Blank. 

Questions? Email kyla@rossvillequilts.com 

March's Project -  

"A-tisket, a-tusket, a delightful Bunny Busket! Kimberbell’s March Fill in the Blank project transforms a Canvas Tote into an Easter basket perfect for egg hunts and picnics. Two designs, “Bunny Trails” and “Cotton Tails,” are stitched on each side of the busket. Our unique pattern for both sewing and machine embroidery, our Bunny Busket is a real treat!"

The RQ embellishment kit includes product to embellish one Bunny Busket. Items included: KB Embroidery Felt for bunnies and KB glitter sheet pieces for eggs. Crocheted Edge Trim packages are available separately (one package of trim will make 2 1/2 Bunny Buskets). 

    • Price
    • $9.95
    • Product Name
    • Kimberblank Canvas Tote
    • Price
    • $3.25
    • Product Name
    • Bunny Busket Embellishment Kit

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